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Lisa Anne Lindberg
Lisa Lindberg


Some things showing my way of being on this Earth . . .

50 Rock Gypsies:
The Adventures of a
Girl Called "Fire Within"

My own personal story of my life, written at the half-century -- a story-and-photo essay

Lisa at half-century

... About the things that have intrigued me ever since I was very youngFire ... Existence ... Consciousness ... Art ... Freedom ... Learning ...

... About how my own passionately felt need for personal freedom has been with me ever since I can remember, never diminishing and instead ever increasing ... and how I have applied this feeling to envisioning the future
: in re-conceptualizing social structures, and especially in transforming the physical and social architectures of learning. 

People who have greatly influenced my life
-- either by personal acquaintance or through their lives and work.

It is quite striking for me to look back over the years I have been here and reflect on the people whose thoughts and feelings about living -- how they tread this Earth -- have become part of the fabric of my own mind and heart, my own life.

My Work with Children's Learning & Growing

Children's Environments Project, UW-Milwaukee Architecture School, 1978-1981: a multi-award- winning team of architects and social scientists who developed design guides for children's' indoor and outdoor settings.

Environmental education field trip program - 1986-1988   150 field trips in 2 years.  Maharishi School in Washington DC, where our son Matthew attended from 1984-1989, his ages 3-8.

1st Grade Field Trip Team
6-yr-olds' field trip team, 1987

Afoot and light-hearted
We take to the open road....


Matthew Lindberg-Work's Program of Personalized Learning -- 
an alternative to institutionalizing young people
- - 1989-1999, his ages 8-18
Duncan, Lisa, Matthew
Duncan, Matthew, Lisa, 1999

after high school graduation. visiting 
Matthew's college,
Maharishi University

The early years of life are a particularly crucial time of exploration, a time for young people to both widely investigate the outer world and also to learn about their own inner selves. It is a time of life not well-served by being institutionalized.  

This page is about how our family applied this spirit of living to our son Matthew's decade of personalized learning -- his ages 8-19, 1989-1999.  It was a full program of arts and sciences, including attending the Log Cabin Learning program, and doing extensive work on his own freely-chosen ecological projects. Monetary outlay for tuition for those 10 years was $500 -- total -- an average of $50 per year.  In comparison, current tuition at American public and private schools ranges from $10,000 - $20,000 per student per year -- which works out to be 200 to 400 times as much as we spent.

Matthew graduated from Maharishi University in June 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry & Environmental Science, and with renown as a world-class whistler, performing in many concerts.  He is now passing on to high school kids his love of chemistry, physics, math, and ecology -- and eco-activism.


The Conceptual Foundation for My Approach to Learning and Living

De-institutionalizing Education Into an Abundant Smorgasbord of Personalized Learning Opportunities

Communities of Learning
A New Story of Education for a New Century

1st Grade Field Trip Team
6-yr-olds' field trip team,
Maharishi School, Washington DC 

High school environmental
 education team, Log Cabin Learning


"The educational choices of the future will be much more varied, vital, and relevant in character, selection, and location than what is currently being offered. Most people -- even in their wildest imaginations -- can hardly conceive of the abundant smorgasbord of learning opportunities looming just over the horizon.  We need to set people free to create it."

- - Nobel Laureate in Economics Milton Friedman (paraphrased), 1998.(3)


The ideas I talk about for creating
Communities of Learning do not follow along the usual lines of discourse on education. I neither discuss nor champion any particular teaching method, style, or technique. Nor do I advocate for any specific educational component or program -- in a well-meaning (but mis-guided) hope of its having a system-wide, transforming effect.

Rather, I talk about cultural evolution and social thought -- about how people think and feel about being alive here on Planet Earth :

  • The impressions people form about how they think the world is put together

  • How these images and stories become perceived as "givens," and comprise a society's worldview

  • How a society both consciously and unconsciously embeds its worldview in its educational system, thereby reinforcing and perpetuating it


Our current general systemic transformation in the broad structure of human society requires a corresponding systemic change in conceptualizing our approach to learning -- and then in formulating our systems of education.

This systemic change moves away from massive, centrally administered institutions with their lack of acknowledgement of and respect for individuality.

The new story of education applies complexity science's whole-systems approach to create
Communities of Learning -- focused around place-based activity hubs. These small, lean, dispersed, independent, self-organized Community Learning Centers avoid
being parochial or provincial by maintaining continual, participatory connection with global happenings.

Finding Their Wings

Stories about Young People and Their
Freely-Chosen, Passionate Projects and Activities

Matthew- confluence of Potomac and Shenendoah Rivers

The stories in this project acknowledge, honor, and affirm the inner experiences of young people -- what they feel inside themselves as they passionately follow their hearts in their freely chosen projects and activities, fully engaged, living life to the hilt.

It is from within the "slacker passions" of young people's "fire within" that the future is forged. The nature and character of this future the older generations have only the slightest clue.



A Feeling For Place -- experiencing delight in the physical world

  How does the experience of delight in the physical world affect people's souls ... their entire lives...thoughts... feelings... relationships...learning.. work...?

- - in my own case, from having grown up at this beautiful farm in central Ohio - -


There was a child went forth one day,
And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became,
And that object became part of him for the day 
Or a certain part of the day,
Or for many years or stretching cycles of years . . .

- - Walt Whitman

Spiritual Politics

Series being gathered by the Lindberg-Work Family. . . a gathering of ideas, projects, musings . . .
on how how people's decisions and actions in their outer lives can indeed reflect the deepest feelings from ones inner spirit. . .

Each item is involved in the work to systemically change how we tell the human story : how we conceive of and act out this mystery we call life. Each is an aspect of the re-weaving of our cultural fabric to support this change so needed by our world at this crucial juncture in history.

Stories of Life

Our lives consist of stories -- of both every-day and unusual happenings. Our stories reflect our souls' journeys. Our stories are worth telling, but can fade with time, like photographs. Telling our stories can help us make sense of our lives -- and of Life -- and can help bind people together.

Capture them and give them as enduring gifts to yourself and others.

My grandmothers

3 Generations of my grandmothers.
Strum, Wisconsin, 1900.

Seasonal Celebrations

Celebrating seasonal changes is in my blood. From time immemorial, my Nordic ancestors celebrated the Solstices -- both the Summer and Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox.

For me, the times of seasonal change are not anthropomorphically religious in the way the pre-Christian peoples held the sun to be a god.  Rather, I feel these times offer us the opportunity to experience the essential spirituality of the physical world.  Though the physical world is spiritual at all times, the transitional times of Seasonal change are particularly poignant remindings of this. 

At these moments of change, it is as if the Natural World takes a momentary pausing breath, and in that gap of time invites us to feel the Spiritual World clearly shining thru.  At those times on our living, breathing planetary matrix (matrix = womb) -- we can attune the infinity of our individual consciousness with the infinity of consciousness of the cosmos.  We can experience how we and everything here are a part of the Great Mystery of Creation....



Community seasonal celebration pageants, 
rural Washington DC
Spring Equinox, 1991

Fall 1993
Assembling & decorating the Fall Equinox cake, 1993 -- specialty baking being one of my favorite parts of our seasonal celebrations


My Life-Long Love of Baton Twirling

I have always loved baton twirling.
For nearly all my life -- for 53 years since I was 5 years old -- I have done this lovely art for the sheer, blissful, flowing enjoyment of it.

Pre-school beginner ... high-school band majorette ... guerilla street artist ... concert stage performer ... 
... and my latest
:  going past glitz-'n'-glamour to explore the possibilities of interpretive dance ...
Lisa, 1967, age 15           

Bottom row:  performing with musician/comedienne/baton-twirler, Christine Lavin, 2004

Potomac Celtic Festival, Leesburg, Virginia

June 2007: with Wayne Jordan & friends
photo by Cindy Johnson
- click on photo for higher-resolution version -
June 14, 2009:  with the Scottish group, Cantrip
2009 June:  Potomac Celtic Festival -- band Cantrip
click on image to go to Youtube video

2006 & 2007 -- Baton-cloth dance

Hudson Highlands, July 2006

Our entrance -- with my little nieces, 
Kanalee Farm, Virginia, May 2007 

"Taking Wing," 
for my mother's memorial service, 
Asheville, August 2007


Lisa & Duncan

Duncan's 56th Birthday Party
Kanalee Farm, Virginia,
Memorial Day Weekend 2004


Marin Headlands north of San Francisco, May Day 2005
Looking south toward the city -- with Mount Tam behind our heads, and the city way off in the far distance across the SF Bay

At some friends' place beside George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch.

At Craggy Pinnacle - -
Blue Ridge Mountains
near Asheville,
August 2007

Lisa & Duncan's 1/3-Century Celebration
33rd Wedding Anniversary, 34th Anniversary of Meeting 
Duncan, Lisa, & Matthew

Picnic Thanksgiving Dinner -- on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, 
November 25, 2004

Reviving Shallot

a multi-modal drama exploring masculine-feminine dynamics 
and the subtle abuse of power

- - staged 2005, San Francisco Bay Area  - -

"The Lady of Shallot"
John William Waterhouse, 1888
Tate Gallery, London

This is a drama about subtle abuse of power -- the conscious decision by one person to eclipse another's being.  The focus is on subtle ways of doing this because blatant mis-use of power is easy to point out.  Whereas -- despite the mystifying havoc it wrecks -- subtle emotional manipulation is harder to pin-point: it is within its essential elusive nature wherein lies its great, insidious strength.   This drama explores the great theme of  "If politics is about power, and all politics is personal -- rooted in our own personal emotions -- and if we all possess the choice to either use power wisely or to mis-use it, then on what rests the choice to use power one way or the other way?  From where arises the need to thieve power from others -- to exert power-over in order to feel power-full?"




The Other Side of Fire
A Story-Writing Workshop on Mythologizing Your Own Life

. . . seeing the mythicness of everyday life,
 of our lives as pageantry, as archetypal drama . . .

The author of Reviving Shallot at her writing wall beside the waterfall, working on scenes 
for how the Lady of Shallot revives herself and reclaims Life.

Feb 2010:  
Snowboarding at age 58 !

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