Lisa Anne Lindberg - Early Autumn - 2000's

A Ceremony for Wholeness and Healing:  
A Ceremony to Honor and Cherish Both Masculine and Feminine
A Performed at dawn, December 4, 2003
Blue Ridge Mountain of Maryland

Message from the Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan in Guatemala, Central America:

"December 4 thru 7, 2003 is a time of great significance. Inside the charge of these cycles of changes, there are vortexes that open up a space. After the red planet distances its charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time that lasts four days. This openness gives us the opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space that will allow us access to Jun'ab'ku, heart of the heavens. This is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for the community, for the consciousness and to synthesize balance."

El K'uxaaj Saq' Be, a non profit organization which works with Native communities, at their request, to help preserve ancient traditions and to open doors for those communities to share teachings with the rest of the world, especially young adults. Learn more about their work at"



On December 3, 2003, I prepared for this ceremony by setting up an altar of items symbolic of my life, and choosing 3 poems to read. At dawn on the following day, December 4, 2003, I performed the ceremony.  Wrapped in a warm blanket, I opened the glass door to the thin, chill morning air, and lit the candles I had set on the altar.  Then I read aloud these three poems:

I wrote "Masculine and Feminine, Whole Together," specifically for this time.  In it, I incorporated Sanskrit cosmogeny terms from the Vedic tradition of India, and images from a tradition of
Seasonal Celebrations created by my friends and myself in the 1990's in Sugarloaf Country, Maryland.

The next piece was the Navajo prayer "
House Made of Dawn." In the Autumn of 1973, I began to be interested in Native American culture, and that winter traveled with my husband through the American Southwest, entranced with the landscape.  I began then to have a feeling of kinship with Native American spirituality, which continues to this day.  I thought this Navajo prayer fit well with the intentions of this ceremony.  

I wrote the last piece, "Of Sun and of Moon," in 1990, a cry from my soul for wholeness and integration of masculine and feminine, at a time when I was feeling this to be in short supply.  


Masculine and Feminine, Whole Together

by Lisa Lindberg
December 3, 2003

"Bhavam, Bhavani, sahitam nahmami." "Brahman and Mother Divine together, to this I bow down,"

Bhava: Brahman, the Absolute, the unmanifest, pure spirit, pure transcendent
Bhavani: Mother Divine, the relative, manifest creation
Both together make our world, are our world.
To both Brahman and Mother Divine, together, I bow down, because this, THIS is the ultimate Truth of Life: That All Life -- both Absolute and Relative -- Is Pure Spirit.

Purnamida, Purnamidam": "This fullness is full, that fullness is full."
This Fullness of the Absolute is full, That Fullness of the Relative is full.
The Absolute is Pure Spirit, the Relative is Pure Spirit.
Bhava is Pure Spirit. Bhavani is Pure Spirit.

Purusha and Mother Divine together, Masculine and Feminine together.
Not one over the other, not one stronger than the other.
Both together in a partnership of equals.
An equality not of equivalence but rather the equality of mutual love and respect,
of deep understanding and gratitude for the other's role in Life.

To the Feminine of our Life:
We honor and respect and adore you. We give gratitude for the gifts you bring.

To the Masculine of our Life:
We honor and respect and adore you. We give gratitude for the gifts you bring.

To Masculine Strength and Influence of Life in the personage of Father Winter: We thank you for your steadiness, your infinitely quiet inner strength that underlies and supports all growing Life, both inner and outer, for having courage and vision to lead into a future of good.

To the Brothers Fall growing into your strength of Father Winter: We thank you for your emerging, for going within to learn how to shield Life from harm, to protect and guard young life on its way forth. We bless you as the new Leaders of Life, May your way be The Way of Best Vision.

To Feminine Glory and Abundance of Life in the personage of Mother Summer: We thank you for your cascades of fruitfulness, for the opening up into wonder, for your invitation to peak out on the astonishing loveliness of Life.

To the Maidens of Spring growing into your strengh of Mother Summer: We thank you for your young freshness, your sweetness. We bless you as the new Nurturers of Life. May your innocence blossom into a Way of the All-Encompasssing.

May we all be delivered from The Delusion of the
3 Gunas -- that any one of these qualities is better than the others.
May we overcome the delusion of Tamas with Rajas
May we overcome the delusion of Rajas with Sattva.
May we overcome the delusion of Sattva with Transcendence.
May we come to Transcendence thru "
Nistrigunyo, Bhavarjun" : "Be without the 3 Gunas."
May we go to the place in ourselves that underlies and supports all of these qualities, where we understand and embrace them ALL as GOOD: From Mother Saraswati of Sweetness & Light to Mother Kali with hair of snakes, eyes of lightning, and mouth dripping with blood, Mother Kali the destructress, the Goddess of the Compost Pile along with Shiva the Destroyer, the needed transformers of the Old into the New.

May we see all these qualities as good, that all these qualities are needed for Life.
Akash, Air, Fire, Water, Earth together build Life.
All these are needed for Life.
All these together are Life.

May we see the entire range of ways of Masculine and Feminine together as good: from innocent sweetness to mutual annihilation in the Transcendence of Union.

May we see all of this as good.
That all of this is Life.
That all Life is sacred and spiritual.
That Masculine is precious and sacred
That Feminine is precious and sacred.
That all Life is precious and sacred.

May we see all of Life as good.



House Made of Dawn --
from the Navaho tradition

House made of dawn,
House made of evening light,
House made of dark cloud,
House made of male rain,
House made of dark mist,
House made of female rain,
House made of pollen,
House made of grasshoppers,
Dark cloud is at the door.
The trail out of it is dark cloud.
The zigzag lightning stands high upon it.
Male deity!
Your offering I make.
I have prepared smoke for you.
Restore my feet for me,
Restore my legs for me,
Restore my voice for me.
This very day take out your spell for me
Your spell remove for me.
You have taken it away for me;
Far off it has gone.
Happily I recover.
Happily my interior becomes cool.
Happily I go forth.
My interior feeling cool, may I walk.
No longer sore, may I walk.
Impervious to pain, may I walk.
With lively feelings, may I walk.
As it used to be long ago, may I walk.
Happily may I walk.
Happily, with abundant dark clouds, may I walk.
Happily, with abundant showers, may I walk.
Happily, with abundant plants, may I walk.
Happily, on a trail of pollen, may I walk.
Happily may I walk.
Being as it used to be long ago, may I walk.
May it be beautiful before me,
May it be beautiful behind me,
May it be beautiful below me,
May it be beautiful above me,
May it be beautiful all around me.
In beauty it is finished.


Of Sun and Of Moon
by Lisa Lindberg, October 29, 1990

Dreams, fantasies, stories, songs, storytelling, legends,
Myths, magic, drifting, wishes, delicious highs,
In love, digging in the Earth, escape, sanctuary,
Another planet, flying to the stars, The Silver Trout.

What is dream, what is awake, what is real, what is make believe?
What is theatre, what is imaginary, what is a performance?
What is illusion, what is clarity, what is fantasy?
Ambiguity, fogginess, vague line between.
Life growing larger than life, growing to become myth,
Mythical character beyond the laws of mortal men,
The omnipotent hero free from limitation and restriction, living in universal self.
The ache of separation and emptiness in heart and soul
Filling with sweetness of intimacy, fullness, completeness, bliss.
Boundaries blurring, surrender, mystical union
Connection with universe. Unity.

What is truth in sunlight turns to lies in moonlight.
What is truth in moonlight turns to lies in sunlight.
Each’s truth vanishes in the other’s light.
“Truth is in the mistiness of my shadows,” says the Moon.
“Truth is in the clarity of my searing light,” says the Sun.
“You need my shadows,” says the Moon to the Sun.
“You need my searing light,” says the Sun to the Moon.
Each seeks the other’s truth. 
Silver and Gold, how can we be whole together?



Lisa Anne Lindberg - Early Autumn - 2000's