Communities of Learning
A New Story of Education For a New Century


Lisa Lindberg

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Parts 1- 3 in summary form

Notes - references & photos

The systems thinkers from whom I drew ideas and inspiration

Evaluating Social Systems

Tracing the growth in evolutionary sustainability of 4 group types -- from hierarchic pyramids to networks of distributed intelligence


The broader social context for the ideas in this proposal


Lisa Lindberg and development of the ideas in this proposal and website



1. Our Current Era's General Transformation in Social Architecture

  • We Are Our Stories, Ever in the Telling
  • From Where We Have Come : Our Old Story of top-down decision making
  • Where We Have Arrived : Our Current Story of Transition
  • Where We Are Going : Our New Story of Multi-Centered Networks of Autonomous, Self-Organizing Communities

2. The American Education System : Lagging Behind in the Current General Transformation

  • Industrial Age assembly line & machine thinking
  • Subject matter, pacing, and amount of material still mandated from "above."
  • Analogies: Required patronage at a certain restaurant; and mandatory shopping at a cerain store
  • What do the terms "well adjusted" and "performs well" actually mean? 
  • "School choice" proposals remain "inside the box" -- no systemic change in worldview or physical & social architectures



3. Education's Future : A New Story of Vitality and Adaptivity

  • Applying Principles of Complexity Science to the Field of Education
  • Core Essentials of a New Story of Education
  • Community Learning Centers: Details of Development

4. Be There Dragons? Can It Scale? FAQ's about Communities of Learning

  • Not a brand-new concept.
  • Comparison with schools which open their programs to independent-learning students
  • Moving from the current, very large system to a decentralized, autonomous, self-organizing one
  • What will prevent entropy and top-down dictatorship?